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13 Jul 2023

Our positive and empowering induction

At 40 weeks and 5 days, I decided to have a sweep. Throughout my pregnancy (after doing Anna’s course that is), I'd said I wouldn't want any form of induction, a sweep being part of the induction ladder. But I was impatient and so ready to meet my baby girl!

I had 3 unsuccessful sweeps due to my cervix not being accessible and finally on the day before my induction booked at 41 weeks and 5 days, I was able to have my first actual sweep which unfortunately didn’t bring on natural labour.
Going into the hospital to be induced was definitely not in our birth plan but as we were getting closer the 42 week window this was our best option.

When we finally got a bed we were told to make our way to Worcester Royal for 4pm on Tuesday 11th July 2023, when we arrived at the hospital, the antenatal ward was full and we were put onto a ward in postnatal along with 3 other moms in the same position as us. I was examined and had a pessary placed at 6:30pm, after walking the whole of the hospital several times, along with side stepping, curb walking and even a few star jumps I started to feel the surges about 1:30am, I was so excited and thought this is it we are finally on the way to meet our little girl!

Unfortunately when I was examined after the 24 hour period of the pessary being in place I had only dilated 1cm, I was devastated as I was so desperate to meet my baby girl and thought we were so close. The options given to me were to try another pessary for 24 hours or to wait to dilate another 2cm so the midwife could break my waters. This option meant I was no longer able to have my birth in the birth centre and meant I would need to go down to delivery suite- again this wasn’t what we wanted in our birth plan. As the surges were getting more and more intense I decided to wait to dilate a further 2cms to have my waters broken.

By Wednesday morning I had progressed with increased surges through the night and was now the additional 2cms dilated. We then needed to wait for a spot to go down to the delivery suite to give birth to our baby. On my birth plan I had asked to have no pain relief but due to the increase in surges during the night and finding it uncomfortable to sit, stand or lie, I decided to ask for an epidural to relieve the discomfort I was feeling.

As I had now opted for an epidural, I was then informed I would need to have the hormone drip to help further my progression (again none of this was part of my birth plan), I didn’t have any concerns about the process and felt confident after going through this with Anna on our course, my husband and I decided that this was the right decision for me and the birth of our baby.

Once in the delivery suite, we set up my playlist, diffuser and lighting to make my birth as much to the plan as I wanted even if it wasn’t all going the way I thought.

My waters were broken at 13:30 and we were informed that there was meconium present, from this point I was being monitored. The process went really quickly and by 16:50 I felt the sensation of needing the toilet, the midwife informed me that she wasn’t due to do my examination for another 2 hours, I was pretty sure this sensation was more than just needing the toilet. Once the midwife understood that what I was describing to her was more than an ‘I need the toilet sensation’ she agreed to check my dilation early. I was now pushing and at 18:46 on the 13th July 2023 our baby girl, Lila Lilian Ward was born.

Doing Anna’s course made us completely aware of our options, what questions to ask when we needed to ask them and how to make this experience as positive and empowering as it could be. Going from a certain ‘I want a planned c section’ to a virginal birth was all to do with Anna showing me that this wasn’t a scary or painful experience! Thank you Anna for all your guidance and support!

Emma and Adam - Kidderminster