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08 Sep 2020

Our amazing induction

Let me start by saying that my biggest fear going into this pregnancy was having an induction, because of my previous one.

I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Our baby hadn't moved all morning so at 12pm I called triage and they got me an appointment to be monitored that afternoon.

I went for my appointment and our baby met the requirements, but movements were still weak so they offered me an induction as I was term anyway.

Thanks to Anna's course, I knew this was my choice, and I knew I could ask for time to talk to my husband. I called him and we decided it was what we wanted.
I went home and waited for a phone call telling me to go in.

I was called in at 9pm, so my husband dropped me at the door due to covid. Our baby was monitored for a while and then I was given the pessary in the early hours of the morning.

I got out my funny movies, my headphones, my picture of my daughter and my essential oils, sat on a birthing ball and read my affirmations for the next few hours while reminding myself of my happy place.

I wasn't calm the whole time, but I never ran out of tools to use.

Around 8am the midwife came to check on me and I asked her to take the pessary out (something else I wouldn't have known I could do before the course). She was more than happy to do that and when she checked me I was 3cm so they took me to the delivery suite.

I text my husband at 9am to let him know he needed to come to the hospital. Labour progressed very quickly, I had gas and air while hugging the back of the bed and trying to stay in my happy place and used deep breathing.

Every 5 minutes I was asking if Matt was here yet and was told no. If I didn't have all of the tools, knowledge and of course amazing midwives, this would have made me panic but I was fine. By the time he got there our baby's head was out.

Ruby Mary Amanda Robinson was born at 9:54am after just 50 minutes in active labour.

My birth plan said I was aiming for a water birth with my husband there the whole time. But honestly, the birth I got was amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Anna had helped us with our birth plan and had explained that just because everything doesn't go exactly to plan, doesn't mean your birth requests all go out of the window. So I got to keep some aspects of my original 'ideals'.