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09 May 2021

Our birth that could not have been better!

Throughout my pregnancy growth scans showed that my baby was going to be big and I was told many times about the risks of shoulder dystocia due to him being 'big'. I was offered induction at 39+5 but after speaking to Anna she made me feel reassured and sent me lots of research to make the informed decision that I wanted to decline and I was happy to go 2 weeks over due date if it was to happen.

I accepted sweeps from 38 weeks just to try and avoid the induction I really didn't want. On the Saturday morning I went for my 3rd sweep and decided I was going to spend that day getting my oxytocin flowing doing things I enjoyed, eating my favourite food and relaxing as much as possible. I had such a lovely day and little did I know just as I got into bed that evening contractions would start.

I downloaded an app to start timing them, and listened to relaxation music in between as I wasn't sure if it was the start of labour or just mild cramping. By 11pm they were pretty regular but still quite mild. I decided to call my midwife for advice which she suggested waiting until they were coming more often and to try and get some rest if I could. By 2am they had stopped for about half an hour and became irregular again so I was able to sleep between contractions until about 05:30, by 7am they were coming strong every 3 minutes so I called my midwife again, she told me to make my way to the hospital as she was already there.

Lee rang for someone to come and look after our little girl and he quickly started getting everything ready and into the car and I didn't have to worry about any of it as he knew everything that was needed. The car journey went quite quickly and I used my breathing to help me through the contractions and put on some upbeat music while trying to keep conversation with Lee to help take my mind off the intensity of them. 8.20am we arrived at Worcester hospital to be told I was at least 5cm my midwife said she didn't think labour would be long so she ran the pool and got the gas ready for me. I got straight in the water and immediately felt more relaxed and felt a lot of pressure had been taken away the moment I got in.

Lee was sat holding my hands talking me through my breathing, rubbing my back with every contraction and getting anything else I needed. All things he wouldn't have thought about had he not been on the course with me! He also knew when I got to the fight or flight stage that baby wouldn't be long - I told him I didn't think I could do it, and he kept telling me how I could and I was!

Within about half an hour I was having urges to bear down and the urge to push our baby out took over. Shortly after this at 9.36am Evan Oakley Cartwright entered the world. I did it! I was so proud of myself and couldn't believe how perfect he was! He came out so quickly the cord snapped so I only got to hold him for a couple of minutes before getting out and being tended to by my midwife. I honestly don't think my birth could have been any better than it was and I really thing that Anna's course helped to make it happen!