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Hello! This is me!

Hypnobirthing mum to two boys and wife to my biggest supporter, Doug.

Lover of the sea (to look at not to swim in!), dog owner, herbal tea drinker and chocoholic.

Anna - Qualified Hypnobirthing Instructor - Rock Your Birth

Me and hypnobirthing

I’m Anna and I live in a rural part of Worcestershire with my gorgeous family!

Since being pregnant for the first time in 2012 I have been hypnobirthing’s biggest fan (followed in hot pursuit by my hubby who is a huge advocate!)

Way back then, I was really excited to be pregnant and become a mum but the thought of giving birth filled me with nothing but fear!

I had zero clue about birth (other than thinking it was going to hurt a lot!). I felt scared, overwhelmed and out of control (not good when you are a control freak!). I didn’t want to dread what I knew should be a special day so I consulted Google and found hypnobirthing!

I said goodbye to fear (yes really) and instead felt confident and positive (things I had previously never thought possible!)

Anna - Hypnobirthing Instructor at Rock Your Birth - Family

My hypnobirthing why

I am so passionate about how effective hypnobirthing is after using it for both of my own births that I feel the need to shout it from the roof tops to anyone that might listen.

I want you to feel how we did all of those years ago, prepared, confident and positive about your birth.

If you feel anxious about birth I want to help you to overcome those fears and to be able to approach that special day with a calm confidence. Knowing that you can Rock Your Birth no matter what path it takes!

Books about birth & hypnobirthing - Rock Your Birth

Me and breastfeeding

I made the mistake of not thinking about this part of becoming a new mum. I was naive and assumed it would just happen!

My first couple of month’s breastfeeding were a physical and emotional roller coaster, one that I would not want any of you to ride!

My hubby supported me in the only way that he knew but we were both clueless!

I want you to feel ready for breastfeeding (if this is something that you want to do), to have a realistic expectation over what to expect and to know where to get support if you need it.

Hypnobirthing Graphic - Breastfeeding - Rock Your Birth

My final words of wisdom

Right from the appearance of your bump, everyone likes to share their experiences good or bad, offer their advice or tell you what you should do.

This can leave you doubting your own ability and instinct, questioning yourself and comparing your experiences to others.

I want to provide you with information, teach you skills, empower you and support you from pregnancy into parenthood so that you can do whatever feels right for you and your family.

Anna - Hypnobirthing Instructor - Rock Your Birth

Ready to start your hypnobirthing journey?