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Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop

Join other couples at this antenatal workshop and be ready for your breastfeeding journey!

Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop - Hypnobirthing - Rock Your Birth

Who is this workshop for?

Maybe you’re a first time mum and have no clue about breastfeeding and are feeling anxious and unprepared.

Maybe you’ve tried breastfeeding before and it didn’t go as planned, you would like to give it another go but you’ve lost your confidence and feel worried that this time will be no different.

Whether you already know that you would like to breastfeed or you are still unsure, this workshop will provide you with information and tools to help you feel PREPARED, CONFIDENT and POSITIVE about navigating your breastfeeding journey.

  • Mum And Baby - Mindful Breastfeeding Course - Rock Your BirthComplete Support
  • Weekend Dates - Mindful Breastfeeding Course - Rock Your BirthWeekend Dates
  • Heart And Baby - Mindful Breastfeeding Course - Rock Your BirthRelaxed & Informal

Breastfeeding is natural so it will just happen... won't it?

I was completely naive when I was pregnant the first time around and thought I would give birth, put my baby to my breast and hey presto milk on tap! But my first experience of breastfeeding was a huge challenge both physically and emotionally.

This isn’t me saying all women struggle but those early weeks can be overwhelming and challenging and I want to help you to find your way calmly and confidently.

Not only will you be full of information but the tools you learn will help you transition into motherhood too!

Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop - Hypnobirthing - Baby - Rock Your Birth

Getting clued up!

The best time to learn about breastfeeding is when you are pregnant so that you can feel more calm and confident once your baby is here.

What you will learn:

  • How breastfeeding works (the science behind breastfeeding, skin to skin, understanding the hormones involved in breastfeeding)
  • What to expect in the early days of feeding (is baby getting enough milk, signs baby is hungry, what is there a normal?!)
  • Understand the importance of a good latch (what does a good latch look like, signs that latch isn’t quite right)
  • Learn tools to help you feel calm and relaxed (breathing and relaxation techniques, the use of affirmations to help you feel positive and confident)
  • Planning for those early weeks
  • Support (from me, from when you sign up and for as long as you need it. Partners will learn how they can support you and I will provide information on other support available to you locally, online and by phone)
Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop - Hypnobirthing - Breastfeeding Baby - Rock Your Birth
  • Mindful Breastfeeding Workshop£75

    One Saturday per Month 10am until 1pm

    A relaxed and informal three hour workshop. Held at my home Corn Meadow Barn, Shaw Lane, Stoke Prior B60 4BH.

    Get in touch if you aren’t local enough to attend a workshop and we can arrange one online.

    What's Included?

    • Four Mindful Breastfeeding relaxation mp3s to listen to at home (these will help you feel calm and relaxed during your pregnancy but also during life as a parent)
    • Handouts to refer to after the workshop
    • My ongoing support by phone, message or video call (because I know how valuable that is especially in the early days)
    • Refreshments
    • A reduced price of £50 if you also book my hypnobirthing course

FAQS about mindful breastfeeding

Want to learn more about mindful breastfeeding?